Recommendations from Professionals

As a rehab supervisor I have worked with Ray Nerswick and Med Adapt for close to 10 years. I work at a community based facility and as part of our program, we perform home safety checks. Through these assessments we provide our clients with basic home modifications including grab bar installation, hand held showers, raised toilet seats, ramps, and hand rails on stairs (both interior and exterior). We have used Med Adapt with more involved home modification projects including installation of super poles, and bathroom modifications.

We use Med Adapt exclusively for all of our projects. He is willing to meet us at any job, handling our requests quickly and responsibly. He would often make suggestions that end up being better than what we had in mind. We have never had any complaints from our clients on any of the work he has completed for us.

Carla S., OTR/L
(May 2012)

As an Occupational Therapist with over 20 yrs of experience, I pride myself in providing the highest level of care and wanting and expecting the same from the providers I use. Working in the home health industry for the past 13 yrs., I rely on providers that will offer me and my patients honest, trustworthy, quality and quick service. Ray Nerswick and his team at MedAdapt have NEVER disappointed – grab bars, railings, home modifications and customer service have always exceeded my expectations. I have used and relied on multiple different medical equipment suppliers, and I will quickly move on to the next until I find the one that will give me the service I desire and expect. I exclusively refer to Medadapt due to the quality of work, knowledge and experience with accessibility and aging in place modifications. Ray and his team have always offered professionalism and very reasonable rates to myself and my patients. I believe my patients are MY customers and I take full responsibility for the work and services of the providers that I have referred. Without hesitation, I will continue to refer to Medadapt – I TRUST Ray and his team, and from a self-proclaimed ‘control freak’ that speaks volumes!

Tricia Cefalu, OTR/L
(May 2012)

I have used Ray Nerswick/MedAdapt services many years now for clients needing home modifications and have found him to be very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. He does a great job, no matter how big or small. I have only heard good feed back from my clients who have found him “very nice”, “didn’t have to wait long” to get the job done with “very professional” results.

Luanne G., COTA/L
(May 2012)

I have been very satisfied with the work you have completed for the participants on my team. I appreciate the timeliness of your work, the fact that you call to clarify when questions/concerns arise and that you always send a follow up fax to let us know when the work is complete. You do an excellent job installing grab bars but above that, I never worry that my request will fall through the cracks. Integrity is something most businesses are losing to productivity these days, MedAdapt has managed to keep integrity a priority and that is greatly appreciated. Good luck as you launch your website.

Heather Hubbard, OTR/L
(May 2012)

If you call MedAdapt you can be sure the work will be understood and customized per your individual needs. It will be done in a timely and efficient manner. The work will be well thought out for your safety, optimum use, and even attractively and neatly. Ray and his crew are the best and nicest individuals I have ever worked with in 44 years of being a therapist.

Carol Straub, OT
(March 2012)

Hello, my name is Marty Pfiester and I am an occupational therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have worked with Ray Nerswick and Medadapt for a number of years now. He and his company have provided many individuals with developmental disabilities with adaptive equipment and modifications to their homes that have truly allowed them to be more independent, safer, and more accessible in their daily lives. Ray has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist these individuals in what they need to be more functional members of society. He will bring equipment to demo if that is needed to determine if the equipment will even be successful before pursuing it. In the rare instance that an individual needs to demo a piece of equipment for a longer period of time, he has even allowed this to occur so that the family and therapist felt more comfortable in making a determination about the equipment’s success prior to its pursuit. Not every vendor would do this. Ray will also analyze a situation fully before making an equipment/modification suggestion or decision. He also values therapists’ opinions/recommendations and collaborates well with them prior to any decision-making. I recommend Ray N. both as a provider of specialized medical/adaptive equipment and modification vendor for individuals with special needs not only because he produces very good, thorough work, but because, he is even a better person.

Martin F. Pfiester, OTR/L
(October 2010)

As lead therapist, I first worked with Ray Nerswick on a very complicated home modification project in the fall of 2002. I asked him to be the general contractor on a project for a SeniorLink participant who was in need of a porch wheelchair lift. There were multiple issues involving the need to remove concrete stairs, update wiring and install a “partial” front porch stairway to enter and leave by the front door.

Ray was absolutely invaluable in making the wheelchair lift happen. He worked closely with the electrician and the vendor of the lift. He also arranged for a subcontractor to complete demolition of existing stairway. Ray worked quickly to complete the new concrete work and partial porch stairway despite bad weather, which affected pouring of a new concrete slab.

Since then I have worked with Ray on a number of home modification projects to improve accessibility for our participants. Since becoming service operations manager I rely frequently on Ray’s expertise in advising our therapy team and transportation team on realistic and affordable home modifications.

Ray’s installations are always done with the highest quality workmanship and with a total commitment to long term safety. Whenever Ray makes a recommendation either for or against a suggested modification, I am totally confident that he has made the rightquote recommendation. In fact, in his own humble way, he will often make suggestions that end up being better than what the therapist or home owner had in mind.

SeniorLink continues to use Ray Nerswick exclusively for all of our home modification projects. He demonstrates the highest possible integrity and work ethic. We have literally never had a complaint regarding the work he has completed for us. In closing, I recommend Ray Nerswick as a truly outstanding contractor serving the elderly and disabled population in the Cincinnati area.

Mary Rohs, OTR/L, M.Ed., LNHA
Service Operations Manager
TriHealth SeniorLink
(June 2009)