Our Approach

A prompt response to concerns about home safety and accessibility is crucial for those desiring to age in their home. Whether you need a single handrail or are considering additional improvements, MedAdapt responds to every request in a timely manner. We give priority consideration to individuals returning home from the hospital or rehabilitation. With your first phone call to MedAdapt, you can be assured we will listen to your need and schedule a prompt visit to your home.

Some people have a clear idea how they can make their home safe, others benefit from seeing our products firsthand before making a decision. Either way, MedAdapt brings everything needed for a product-based solution, allowing you to avoid the expense and delay of a remodeling project, saving you time and money.

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The Need

People want to live at home with dignity and independence. Evidence shows that individuals maintain desired aspects of home living longer by planning ahead and adapting the home for safety, instead of waiting until change becomes absolutely necessary. By the time you become aware of an unsafe condition in the home, you are past the point of being safe. Don’t let a fall be the first time you recognize your bathroom does not provide the safety you need.

MedAdapt’s Response

Since 1999, MedAdapt has specialized safety and accessibility products, with a focus on the bathroom, stairs and entryways. Our knowledge of products and experience adapting 1000s of homes enables us to make your home safe without the expense, delay, or major change of a remodeling project.

MedAdapt meets or exceeds expectations for timeliness, responding directly to all requests and scheduling a prompt installation visit. We listen to your concerns, observe how you support yourself, and discuss product and placement options. When appropriate, we can discuss your need with family members and home living professionals you trust. Finally, MedAdapt’s approach gives our installer the time to make a truly high quality installation. The overall result is an aesthetically pleasing changes that reflects your preferences and gives you confidence the highest standards of safety and comfort have been met.