Company Profile

As we age, home maintenance and accessibility become increasingly important for successful home living. MedAdapt understands this and is dedicated to providing essential services to meet this growing need.

Ray Nerswick started MedAdapt in 1999, as a service company dedicated to older adults and those with disabilities. From the start, MedAdapt has worked with occupational therapists and home living professionals, bringing accessibility and independence to people at home. Many older adults and those who assist them consider numerous areas of the home “off-limits” or at least uncomfortable. Often by making relatively small repairs or changes and following a few commonsense practices, individuals can once again enjoy those areas of their home.

MedAdapt has improved 1,000s of homes throughout Greater Cincinnati, providing countless individuals the confidence they need to live at home. MedAdapt installers and servicemen are caring and patient. They combine their trade skills and product knowledge with the needs and preferences of each customer. Ray provides ongoing training and technical support to installers, modeling for them the company spirit.

MedAdapt continues to look for new products and ways to improve service delivery. Ray’s direct involvement with customers and the products they use continues to assure the excellence of MedAdapt’s service. With straightforward pricing and timely service, MedAdapt makes getting much needed improvements easier and more reliable than ever before. Sooner than individuals imagine possible, they can begin safe practices and enjoy the time they spend in their homes.

MedAdapt focuses on finding the “small job” solutions rather than steering the client toward a larger project as many companies do. Medadapt has the experience and the spirit needed to help clients looking for simple low cost improvements. If you believe MedAdapt’s focus can give individuals the opportunity they need to live more successfully at home, please share us with others.