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What We Install

MedAdapt has identified many of the best products for making bathrooms safe. With our full line of carefully chosen products you can have total confidence your need for essential bathroom safety will be met. We bring everything needed to your home so you can make an informed and accurate selection and receive same day installation. MedAdapt’s approach to bathroom safety enables us to address other concerns you might think of while we are in your home.

Bariatric Considerations

MedAdapt receives regular requests from individuals with bariatric needs and gives thoughtful attention to the concerns of each person. We have select products and proven installation methods for addressing the safety and accessibility needs of individuals with higher weight requirements.

Grab Bars

Avoiding falls and injury in the bathroom is imperative and a carefully positioned grab bar is the crucial first step. Strategically placed grab bars provide balance and support when using the bathtub, shower, toilet and other areas of the home. MedAdapt has extensive experience personalizing the placement of bars for seniors and people with disabilities.

The effectiveness of a grab bar depends on its secure attachment. MedAdapt guarantees our bars will stay solidly anchored and will not leak. With every installation, we evaluate the design of the bathroom and weight bearing capacities of supporting structures and identify the ideal fastener. Grab bars are installed to exceed ADA and ANSI standards for structural strength. Installations can be made to support bariatric needs when required.

MedAdapt - Cincinnati’s Bathroom Safety Experts

MedAdapt can install in virtually any wall surface, including ceramic and porcelain tile, fiberglass and marble. MedAdapt’s grab bar installations are solid and secure and look as good as they feel. A grab bar installed by MedAdapt provides the same sturdiness and stability each time you grip it, giving you confidence and peace of mind for years to come.

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Toilet Products

By itself or in conjunction with a grab bar, a raised toilet seat can make a true difference in toilet safety and comfort. MedAdapt has a variety of toilet safety products that add support and height to any toilet. Each product has been carefully selected and trialed for quality and appearance. Our raised toilet seats offer a low profile look, are easy to clean, and stay securely fastened.

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Specialty Supports

Sometimes a straight grab bar will not put the needed support within your reach. MedAdapt recognizes this and brings specially configured bars for a variety of customized support needs. Our experience with specialty supports allows us to make the ideal adaptation for your specific need and situation.

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Hand Held Showers

Hand held showers allow greater water control and comfort during showering and bathing and are especially helpful when a shower chair is used. For personal use and use by caregivers, hand held showers promote safety and freedom.

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Bath and Shower Seating Products

A shower chair used in conjunction with a grab bar can help a person avoid loss of balance while bathing or showering. Shower chairs increase the length of time a person can enjoy a relaxing shower. For individuals who take standing showers, having a shower chair in place, can give them a place to sit when desired.

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Night Lights

Proper bathroom lighting helps individuals avoid confusion that can lead to accidents and falls. Light in the bathroom should be available when you need it, without using energy or being a distraction when you don’t. Our motion sensor lights satisfy both these aspects of safe lighting.

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Safety Tub and Shower Mats

Wet tub and shower floors present a safety hazard for people of all ages, making a safety mat an essential complement to grab bars in the shower. Through researching tub safety mats and trialing them in our own homes, MedAdapt has identified two options that truly offer a solid grip on slippery floor surfaces. If you are on your feet at any point while showering or bathing, a mat is critical to preventing falls. MedAdapt mat options provide you sure footing in the shower, at all times.

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Hand Rails

Safe access throughout the home is important for many aspects of daily living. MedAdapt brings everything needed to install standard wood or metal handrails inside and outside your home.

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