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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to select the products I want before the installer comes to my home?

No. MedAdapt’s in-home selection gives customers true flexibility to change their mind about the products they want before any work is started. We are happy for you to sample the products you are considering from the large selection we bring to your home and will support you to find the look and feel that is right for you.

Can you special order a bar that is not found on your website, or install a bar I find somewhere else?

Yes. MedAdapt honors the individual needs and preferences of each customer. Although MedAdapt’s hand-picked stock of grab bars include bars most customers want, we can special order and install other products.

Why don’t you offer free estimates like some service companies do?

Our service is based on bringing our full stock of products to every home, which makes a preliminary visit unnecessary. In most cases, one phone call is all that is needed to give you adequate information, including pricing, to choose our service and schedule the installation.

My husband has an occupational therapist; will you get recommendations from her about products she thinks are best for him before you come to the home?

Over the years MedAdapt has worked with many occupational therapists and other home living professionals. We highly value recommendations from your OT and will speak with anyone you believe will support your effort to make the bathroom safe.

I have fiberglass walls in my shower. Can a grab bar be attached to fiberglass surfaces?

When MedAdapt installs a grab bar on a fiberglass wall it is as sturdy and permanent as any other bar we install. We have installed grab bars on fiberglass many times; however, some fiberglass walls do not meet manufacturer’s specifications for the thickness needed to support a grab bar. Until MedAdapt personally sees the fiberglass in your shower we cannot tell whether installing a grab bar is feasible. When requested, MedAdapt will come to your home and assess the fiberglass shower walls to determine if a grab bar can be installed. If a bar can be installed, we will do the installation right then. If not, you have the information you need to avoid having someone else make an unsafe installation.

We are having our bathroom remodeled. Can you work with our remodeler to install grab bars?

YES! Most remodelers do not specialize in grab bars and are not familiar with the selection, placement and installation of them. MedAdapt has this experience and will gladly coordinate with your remodeler.

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