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Safety Tub and Shower Mats

Given up finding a bath tub mat that works? Considering wearing your rain boots instead?

Conventional tub mats sold in stores, although widely accepted, are usually not reliable in preventing slips and falls. Often referred to as “suction cup” mats, many of them are not made of the right material or do not have enough texture on top to provide good slip resistance.Despite having suction cups on the bottom, some of them also tend to shift and bunch up during use, leading to possible accidents.

Conventional tub mats must be picked up and hung somewhere to prevent the growth of mildew. For many older adults, reaching down and pulling the mat free involves a dangerous movement and is a potential fall risk. Many people with a low quality mat lack the incentive to put it in place or simply forget to do so and end up using the tub without a safety mat.

SureStep Adhesive Bath Mats eliminate these concerns. These highly slip resistant bath mats are professionally installed to stay right where you need them for years.

In Stock items brought to every service appointment for same day installation.

When is a conventional tub mat a reliable solution?

If you are able to safely reach down to remove the mat, and you have a place to let it drip dry, then a conventional “suction cup” tub mat may work for you. Unfortunately most of them do not provide enough slip resistance. In order to identify one that really works, we took a variety of mats home and used them ourselves. We tried ones made of rubber, vinyl, and the newer TPE, and found that the Invacare rubber suction cup mat is absolutely the best. It stays tight to the tub floor and provides very good slip resistance under wet soapy feet.

Invacare Extra Long Bath Mat (In stock)

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